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My Study Paradise

Peace, silence and tranquility--that's what we all would like when we're studying. You know sometimes it's hard to find that little secret study place where nobody will bother you. Hitting the books is hard enough already, but doing it while there's a bunch of noise is even harder and distracting. That's why its important to find a little study "paradise." No, there won't be palm trees or white sand, unless you study at the beach. But then again, who goes to the beach to study?

Here are a few places I found that are excellent study "paradises." First of all, the most important: the LIBRARY! There are over six stories of areas to choose from. I personally like going to the music lab on the fifth floor, putting on some classical music, and just working on projects. But if music doesn't help you study, there are plenty of other places scattered all over the library to study.

Secondly, there are the residence halls. Now depending on your roommates, your room may or may not be a good study place. But there are plenty of other spots, like in the lobbies, there are tables to use for schoolwork. I personally like my own room, though.

Third is the Palms Grille. The PCC restaurant does have its rush hours, but during the right time it's empty and silent.

Lastly, the Commons. It can be busy during certain hours, but most of the time, it is a pretty good place to study and relax.

These are just a few of my suggestions. Where is your study "paradise"?

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