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Mission Conference at PCC!

Bible club was the place to be on Wednesday night if you were a kid between 1st and 6th grade.

Bible club meant riveting game time, delicious snacks, scripture memory, little wooden racecars, and brightly colored vests.

I remember we would always sing this one song at group-time:

"Because so many need to know, it's up to you and me to go. Be a missionary every day..."

I would roll on my heels, staring down at the toes of my high-top sneakers, hollering all the words I knew and humming the rest.

"Now in Spanish!" the song leader would cry, holding up a flannel board with bold letters printed across. We would all try to sound out the vowels in a vague, staggered rhythm, usually ending in some sort of glorious seven-part harmony that only kids manage to get away with.

Just a kid song, right? That's how I always thought of it growing up. And yet, full of simple truths that we are still learning to live out now. This coming week, Missions Conference will feature different speakers from the mission field, some special programs with a mission emphasis, and the Parade of Nations with our own international students wearing their native attire.

We forget a lot. It's like this little, quirky, human thing about us. That's why so many--myself, other students, and folks traveling in--are looking forward to this coming Missions Conference! Suddenly, the simple truths of a "kids' song," lived out, are powerful and faith-shaking.

We see over and over in God's Word the need for laborers, we read about the fields "white already to harvest," and we see the disciples broken at the sin and emptiness around them...and then we forget! We don't see that WE are called to labor the same as the disciples, the famous evangelists we read about in old books, and the missionaries we will hear from next week.

You, too, are invited to come out for Missions Conference next week! This coming week will be a stirring reminder and a challenge to live out the simple truths of God's Word and to get glimpse of the role He's called us to each day in a lost and dying world!

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