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Cold, cold, cold. It has been a chilly start to the semester. Personally I love the cold, especially a cold sunny day. It was so nice to come back from Christmas break and find that it was cold at school as well. We have had sort of a landmark event recently with my first ever PCC SNOW DAY!! Who doesn't like getting classes off on a snow day! Here’s how it all happened.

It was a dark, wet Tuesday night, the wind was howling, and the freezing rain began falling. The thermostat suddenly took a dip to below freezing! Anyone caught out in the weather was sure to feel the piercing cold. Ice started forming on everything from cars to plants and on buildings. It continued on through the night, and the next day—Boom!—a winter wonderland, "Florida style." I was getting ready in the morning when I heard the announcement that classes were canceled!!! I don't think I have ever shouted so loud. My shrieks woke up my roommate, but when he found out the good news, he wasn't too upset, I think.... And so started the snow day.

Many had their cameras taking pictures of the ice/snow on everything. It was really quite beautiful. I do have to say it was my first time ever seeing ice over palm trees. There were also people sliding on the ice playing with their friends and just having a good time. It was nice to see the campus relaxing and everyone having fun. This whole time I was in the library getting ahead on schoolwork… just kidding! I was out sliding around on the ice as well. It was a nice break from school and one I will always remember.

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