The Days You Will Never Remember

“I will never forget that day!”

What day came to mind when you read that sentence? Each of us could name several days in our lives that we know we will never forget. As college students, we are in the time of life when so many of those days--graduation, engagement, marriage--often come.

But between the few days that we will always remember, there are many days that will pass by as nothing more than dates on a calendar, unmarked and unremembered. For many of us here at Pensacola Christian College, this means waking up, going to classes, chapel, meals, work, and then going back to our residence hall for homework and study before bed.

The day we will always remember may be the day of our hardest choice between right and wrong. The character to choose right is not magically granted us in the moment of the choice; it is built up over hundreds of the days that we will never remember. The character that it takes to get up early in the morning, get to class on time, and turn in assignments creates the daily building blocks that build the character to do right when a life-changing decision comes.

The “days that we will never forget” will come, no matter what we do to prepare for them. But the days in between are what truly make us who we are. So don’t be discouraged when you seem to be living a never-ending succession of days that you will never remember. The days you will never forget will come. Prepare yourself for them in the days you will never remember.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in Life in the Nest are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Pensacola Christian College.

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