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Flurries in Florida

Expectations are like...teeth: many in number, and sometimes false. (Hopefully not too often for you.)

Here are some things I did NOT expect to discover when I first came to Pensacola Christian College:

  • Sailing skills in a catamaran
  • An extreme appreciation for coffee
  • The difference between having ambitions and making goals
  • Snow days on the Panhandle!

That last one has been my biggest surprise!

Just this past week, everyone laughed when weather forecasters announced snow in Florida--the laughing ceased when a light snow fell on Tuesday afternoon with layers of ice and frost through Thursday.

All classes were called off for Tuesday evening, all day Wednesday, and Thursday morning, and students all over campus enjoyed a new scene at Pensacola Christian College!

If you had bundled up and ventured across our campus, you would have seen tiny snow men everywhere, snow fights in progress, and students dotting the sidewalks with a camera in one hand and a steaming cup of joe in the other.

Although I never expected to see snow in Florida, it has been quite an adventure, and an exciting past few days here in this Floridian winter wonderland!

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