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Student Poll: How Do YOU Eat Your Lunch?

I was curious.

Ever read the Curious George books as a kid? Whenever the author writes “George was curious,” you know George the curious monkey is about to go stowaway on a boat to Africa, or flood a house, or jump off a skyscraper with a kite strapped to his tail. After all the trouble he's caused, Curious George should have died or gone to an asylum--or maybe both--about twelve books ago!

Well, some "curious" new things are happening here on campus! The dining halls have made many recent changes to the menu, including a vegetarian food line with fresh veggies and whole grains, a gluten-free line (as blogger Kendra was talking about a few weeks ago), and a new line of fresh veggie whole wheat pizzas, as well as bringing back some old favorites, such as our line of soups and fresh-baked muffins. Lots of choices!

And I was curious! Were the students taking advantage of all these options? I didn’t bother about boats to Africa and skyscrapers (and besides, I don’t even own a kite--or a tail), but I did ask around a little and got a student perspective on all these changes in dining services.

I took a poll from 100 representative students on campus about the way they choose their meal when they walk into the dining hall here. Sixty students out of a hundred walk into just one line and choose their meal. The remaining forty students said that they visit at least 2 or 3 lines and mix up their choices. I was able to snap some shots both of a faithful frequenter of "single-line meals" and of an experimental basil-chicken-tomato medley in a whole wheat roll, taken from five out of our seven food lines! Both meals looked delicious--check them out! I was especially excited to see how many lines were incorporated into the second plate you see. Who knew you could mix and match and end up with something like that!

Now one or the other is not a bad thing—but it was exciting either way to talk with everyone and hear the great feedback on all the changes in the dining hall!

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