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Midnight Snack Attack

Sitting on my bed one night, I realized something awful. The rather large amount of food in my residence hall room from the beginning of the fall semester had quickly depleted and no longer existed. Fear struck. Would I survive? What will become of me? I scavenged my shelves and drawers and closet space . . . nothing. I found absolutely nothing.

Just days before, I had enjoyed my last ramen, licked my last spoonful of creamy peanut butter, and scarfed down my last cinnamon pop tart. Even the care package I had received from my parents was long gone. I was at a loss; my roommates found themselves in the same predicament.

It's now 12:00 a.m., and we have nothing to eat! (Okay, it's more like 10:00, but we can't call it a "midnight snack" without stretching the time a little). Even with incredible food from the Four Winds and Varsity, we still get hungry when the late hours approach.

I paused in puzzled thought then smiled for a moment. "This college has thought of everything," I boasted to my roommates. "There's a solution to our hunger. No fear, for the Gearbox is here." Like 3 kids in a candy shop, we marched downstairs to PCC's very own residence hall convenience store.

Each residence hall has one. It's like a mini version of The Bookstore. Men's residence halls have The Gearbox, and the women's residence halls have The Pelican. It's the perfect solution to a last-minute need or a convenient desire. Need a "midnight" snack, school supplies for class, or headache relief? All this and more can be found in one of these stores. PCC truly knows how to take care of us students!

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