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The Box Inside My Box

I've had one of those truly amazing mornings. I aced a tough quiz, enjoyed the chapel message thoroughly, and went to lunch with a great group of friends. Now, I'm headed to the mailboxes hoping that something will be inside the 3 x 3 inch hole in the wall assigned to me. This tends to be my habit every day around 12:00 . . . and 2:00 . . . and 4:45. We'll stop at that. In fact, I kind of get obsessive when it comes to checking for mail. Some days, I check it about 5 times just to make sure that I didn't miss anything inside.

On my way to my box, I keep telling myself over and over again that today is just like the rest of this week; I'm preparing myself for the worst. I want to think that I'll have a letter in the mail, but I'm pretty sure that all I'll find in my box is a memo from my work supervisor.

As I approach my mailbox, I notice through the tiny window that the typical, light gray shadow happens to be a darker shade than normal. I glance inside, and I smile (okay, more like beam). At this moment, the lock is the only thing separating me from what I think of as temporary happiness. I can see inside that glorious box a slip with my name printed in the corner.

"I got a package! Look. I got a box!" I tell the random stranger standing beside me. He looks at me, smiles, then slowly walks away. Do I mind? No. I tell the girl walking by too. She's more understanding. Something about mail makes me happy as can be. Someone decided to send me a package!

If you think I'm a little crazy, you obviously haven't received my kind of package before. They're usually made with love and shipped with care from my wonderful mother back in California. Besides, I've seen the same smile on other people's faces . . . the joyful face they make when standing in line to redeem their packages. It's great to know as a college student away from home that someone has thought of me.

Many students on campus can relate to the excitement of getting a "box within their box." Simply put, feel free to send us packages (or even letters of encouragement) any time you feel led. You'll never know how much it means to us. Some great items to include in a package include . . .

  • Food
  • Office Supplies
  • Reminders of Home
  • Books
  • Letters
  • Anything Else That Fits!

College students, what would you love to find in your care package?

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