Graphic Design I: A Creative Opportunity

One of my projects from earlier this semester

Many moons ago when I was just a freshman (last year), I took a Digital Graphics (DG) class as part of my Graphic Design minor. I loved the class, but I looked forward to the day when I would graduate from the class into Graphic Design I (GD I).

When I took DG, we were taught the basics and fundamentals for programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Because we were laying down a foundation on how to use the programs, we followed a step-by-step guidebook for each project—and we all made the same projects.

In DG, we were being introduced into the fundamentals of design. The point was to perfect the many tools and methods available with Adobe, so there wasn’t much creative freedom on the main projects. After each project, however, we would instill the tools that we had just learned and created “Portfolio Builder” projects from scratch. That’s when the fun started.

We were given basic guidelines for the Portfolio Builders (something like, make a postcard for your hometown, here are the dimensions . . .) and then it was up to us to be creative. It was awesome.

Now in GD I, every project is like a Portfolio Builder —the creativity overfloweth! With a firm foundation beneath us that we developed in DG, our projects are now stronger than they would have been if our teachers had just pushed creativity from Day 1. Creativity is key, but one must know the fundamentals of basic design before one can create the strongest design possible.

All of the students in GD I have already gone through DG, so we know how to use the Adobe programs and how to create graphic designs. We receive guidelines on a new project every week or so and then go with it.

Some of the work my classmates do is brilliant, and it inspires me to continue improving my own work. There’s just no substitute for the feeling you get when one of your projects is posted on the A-board in VPA 204 (the main graphic design classroom). My scripture reference project pictured above earned an “A” grade and was featured on the A-board earlier this semester.

All of this should be noted if you are currently taking DG or are going to take it in the future—stick with it! Learn the fundamentals now so you know how to create A+ work once you are given more freedom in GD I.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work on my magazine ad for GD I!

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