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Nostalgic-wear in November

Remember the clothes we wore as kids?

It took me a long time to realize that the actual trend-setters are our parents. After all, they’re the ones that dressed us in all those clothes we still complain about, and yet those styles are the ones that come back 10 years later on full-grown adults!

Maybe you remember some of these from “the good old days”:

  • A one-piece suit of t-shirt and shorts. Connected to each other! Sometimes they had drawstrings—I guess to keep the shorts up.
  • Pull-over sweaters and leg warmers: the thicker and scratchier, the better.
  • How about this one: gym-shorts worn OVER sweatpants!
  • Jellies! Anyone remember those clear, plexi-rubber swimming sandals? If you were lucky, they had sparkles and flashing-lights in the heels. If you were cool, you wore them on top of your Mickey Mouse socks.

When I walk out the door and see some of those styles coming back (not ALL of them…obviously) on my own peers, I can’t help but think “Yep. Nailed that one as a kid.” Maybe we all need to go back to our parents and thank them for giving us a jump-start in life.

November is a perfect time to bring back those comfy, nostalgic fashions! Sweaters and lots of layers will become a valuable part of your wardrobe as we head into the chillier months here in Pensacola, Florida.

Here are some examples from our own students around campus, sporting some November wear.

A big thing you’ll notice is the layers. One of my favorite things in Pensacola weather is the variety. You could wake up to a winter frost and head to dinner later that day with an early-summer sun setting behind the residence halls. These students sport some great ideas for layered outfits that can change through the day along-side the weather!

Now, your turn. Maybe this gives you shopping ideas or a fresh perspective on your own closet as you prepare for the nostalgic-wear of November in Pensacola!

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