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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

While many campuses around the country become ghost towns during Thanksgiving, PCC campus is the complete opposite! The campus becomes flooded with people! Parents travel to Pensacola, Florida, from all over the country to cheer on their students as they participate in the exciting activities that happen here on Thanksgiving Day. Many come to PCC campus to support the sophomore nursing students in their Lamp Lighting Ceremony, while others travel here to support their students as they participate in the biggest soccer game of the semester-- the Turkey Bowl. Many families, friends, and alumni also come to PCC for Thanksgiving Day to visit students and spend time with them on such a special holiday.

Along with the many people that come for Thanksgiving to support college students, there comes a group of prospective students for College Days. These high schoolers have the chance to see PCC's campus and the students during one of the most eventful times of the semester. Besides Lamp Lighting and the Turkey Bowl, we also have Fine Arts Series, a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here on campus, a Praise Service, and even an alumni basketball game to attend.

It is a unique time for all and one that is memorable to those on campus for years to come!

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