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Hosting an Eagles Classic Invitational guest (and then some)

Last month, Pensacola Christian College hosted their annual boys varsity soccer and girls varsity volleyball Eagles Classic Invitational tournament. PCC holds soccer and basketball invitational tournaments three times a school year, giving high school students an opportunity to compete at a high level while also exploring PCC’s campus.

This fall’s tournament was of particular interest to my residence hall room, as one of my roommates, Tyler, attended high school with several of the athletes competing in the tournament.

The Bulldogs, who came down from Ohio, participated in the tournament and brought several of Tyler’s former classmates with them.  One of their students was assigned to our room. He went to school with Tyler, and he certainly remembered him, as did the rest of the soccer team.

The first night that the team was on campus, I walked into our room after a day of classes to behold seemingly the entire soccer team sitting around in our room laughing, joking, and talking about their high school days and the upcoming soccer tournament.

“It was a great experience, it was fun talking to them about college, and it was a lot of fun to see them play again,” Tyler said. “It was cool to hear them talk about PCC, and I hope some of them will choose to come here. I know it was a great opportunity for the seniors and juniors to get to see and experience a great Christian college.”

Unfortunately, the Bulldogs did not fare as well as they had hoped they would in the tournament, but they all confirmed that it was an enjoyable experience. I remember one of them noting that making the trip was worth it just because of “all the fun things” they were able to do on campus.

The Bulldogs were unable to win the soccer tournament—though Tyler joked that he was going to suit up and help them. I can confirm, however, that Tyler’s former classmates had a fun time while here (they spent most of their evenings in our room, after all).

It was a successful week, and I’m looking forward to seeing if any of Tyler’s classmates ultimately choose to attend PCC and play soccer for one of the collegian teams. Until then, our room will be a little less noisy at night—and I’m okay with that.

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