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The Eagle Mania Throw-Down

Take some glow sticks and add some flashing lights, check the clock to make sure it's 11 pm, and throw in an Eagle mascot--This all adds up to one mind-blowing, insane crazy fun night! That's right, Eagle Mania was a blast! There were so many people there, and if you were one of the many that went, I'm sure you remember all the fun that night.

Eagle Mania is a night for us to come together as a student body and just support our Eagles players. It is so awesome that we have a girls' basketball and volleyball team and a guys' basketball team because we get the chance to come together as a campus and cheer on our teams. These players have talent, and it showed. This was their time to show off their skills in scrimmage games against each other. It was great to see them come together as a team. The fans were on fire cheering, just all out excitement for all our Eagles teams.

One of my best memories of the night is when President Shoemaker introduced us to a game I like to call the Eagle Challenge. Two people were picked at random. They loaded up a T-shirt gun with little Eagor stuffed animals and shot them at the Eagor mascot. Both the guys had insanely good aim and nailed Eagor. The coolest part is that those guys got an awesome prize: $500 toward their school bills!

Overall, it was just a great time to hang out with friends and get pumped up to encourage  our Eagles as they get ready to start the basketball season. Personally, I had a blast and got plenty of pictures. I was so happy to see the stadium packed out with students who wanted to see our Eagles athletics in action. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them play this season!

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