Betty Crocker is on Campus!

Three childhood myths: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy…and Betty Crocker!

It took me about 18 years to unmask that last one.

Yes, I believed in the sweet old lady on the back of Mom’s cookbook, until I was sitting in a freshman Business Management class at Pensacola Christian College, and one of the teachers asked for a show of hands on who thought Betty Crocker was real. Just me. Wow. I figured everyone else was ahead on their chapter reading or something?

Yes, Betty Crocker was a fictional character, embodying the “homemaker” of her age—and as the times changed, so did Betty: the “Betty Crocker” of the 21st century is actually a compilation of 75 different women, representing all ethnicities of the culinary arts!

One thing has not changed however--that is, the widely established collection of classic Betty Crocker recipes--and we use these same recipes here at Pensacola Christian College in the “Entertaining in the Home” class.

This class is required for several programs of study on campus, but available to all students! Students in this class will learn the principles behind preparing meals and serving them effectively to company, and then (this is the exciting part) they get "hands-on" experience by cooking different recipes in the Home-Economic cooking labs, including a variety from different courses, seasons, and countries.

Here are some comments from students taking the class this semester:

“I was not at all a cook before I joined this class. It has been extremely helpful—and delicious too! I have enjoyed baking biscuits, whipping up smoothies, and making everything from garden vegetable wraps to wild rice soup" (Catie, Junior).

“I was surprised when I began taking this class that there were so many things to learn about cooking. There’s a lot more to it than I originally thought!” (Sara, Senior).

“This class has been very useful for me personally. I plan to go to Malaysia after I graduate, and having an in-depth understanding of cooking and entertaining people is going to be a skill I’ll use to share Western culture in Malaysia” (Grace, Senior).

If you are a student here on campus, if you are planning on being a student, of even if you are thinking about visiting for College Days, this would be a great class to look into or to come in and observe. It will give you an understanding of and practical skills for something you will use the rest of your life!

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