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An Uncommon Commons

Excuse me, blog readers. I have an announcement to make.

For all of you who were worried about the giant hole in the wall next to the Palms Grille, do not trouble yourselves any longer.

I have taken it upon myself to look into the matter and have found that the hole is NOT, in fact, a real hole, as some of you may have suspected.

Do not try to climb into it; do not try to thrust your hand through it any longer.

I have investigated and found that it is actually a poster announcing our new Commons building renovation!

I am glad to say you may all rest easy tonight, with full knowledge that we have no holes in our walls here at Pensacola Christian College. You may thank me at your leisure as you see me around campus.

Now whether or not you have been on campus yet and seen this poster or seen the construction in full swing, you may be asking “Why a new Commons? What’s so exciting about that?”

Who better to ask than our regular “Campus Common-ers.”  I walked into our temporary “Commons” building and was able to chat with some of the regulars and see what everyone is excited about as our Commons is renovated next door!

I chatted with some freshmen who have never seen our old Commons building, all the way up through our seniors, who have been enjoying the Commons since they arrived.

One opinion was unanimous: the coffee shop is going to be fantastic! Dr. Shoemaker has plans to incorporate a coffee shop on the second level lounge of our new Commons building—and there is quite a buzz about it! Students will be able to enjoy a coffee as they study with friends in an environment specially designed to cater to both needs.

The name of the coffee shop remains a mystery, though it was opened up this past spring for students to make suggestions.  A few I got to hear were “The Great Awakening” (Christina, Sophomore), “Holy Grounds” (Jared, Freshman), and “The Steaming Bean” (Sarah, Senior).

Besides the coffee shop, everyone is looking forward to a whole new level of Commons—quite literally—with the expansion of a second floor, as well as a more centralized overall layout.

Check out these tentative sketches for our new Commons building--which is scheduled to open July 2014--and plan to come to campus to see for yourself our all-new Commons!

The thoughts and opinions expressed in Life in the Nest are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Pensacola Christian College.

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