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What Are Collegians For, Anyway?

When I came to PCC, I didn't quite have a grasp on what collegians are. But now that I've experienced a collegian firsthand, they're not confusing at all!

Collegians are simply small student groups that provide opportunities for leadership, service, and fun. The student body is split up into 24 women collegians and 20 men collegians. Freshmen select a collegian during Greek Rush at the beginning of each semester.

Don't stress about picking the right or wrong collegian. All collegians actually have the same opportunities for getting involved in whatever you like the most. Each time we participate in Christian service or athletics, or when we attend certain events, we earn points. These points determine which collegian wins the “Most Improved,” “Christian Service Award,” “Athlete of the Year,” “Collegian of the Year Award,” and “Collegian Sports Award.” Although your collegian may focus on winning a specific award, you are not limited to participating in only that one area.

I am in the Bears (Delta Gamma Rho) collegian, and just recently for our members-only outing, we chose to go to Camp o’ the Pines. We had a blast making s'mores, playing games together, zip lining, and just chatting and getting to know each other.

This members-only outing has shown to me that the true purpose of a collegian is to meet people you may not have otherwise met. The freshman through senior classes are all represented in each collegian. As a freshman, I would not have had any classes with seniors or upperclassmen and would have missed out on some good relationships and advice. I’m thankful for collegians because I’ve had the opportunity to meet some awesome friends I may not have met otherwise.

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