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Auditions Can Be Fun

I'm walking to the Visual and Performing Arts Center trying to hold my nervous self together. Usually, duct tape would be my go to "quick fix," but that won't help in a situation like this. I'm headed to another on-campus audition, just one more opportunity to get involved here at PCC. My hands are shaking. My steps are faltering.

I step into the Experimental Theatre, and a well-dressed individual hands me an audition form. "Oh, great," I think to myself. "Was I supposed to dress up? I would be the one to miss the memo."

"Good luck!" The man smiles and points to an empty seat along the back wall. I look around and realize that I am not alone. Dozens of students, just like me (even dressed like me), are nervously seated and filling out their forms too. I breathe a quiet sigh of relief.

"What does this mean?" The girl beside me points to a section on her form labeled "Previous Experience." Apparently, this is the first play she has ever auditioned for.

"It's okay if this is your first time acting . . . just say so on the sheet," I whisper as the first name is called. "If you need any other help, just let me know."

My nerves begin to die down as I evaluate the situation. The most timid looking girl drifts onto the stage. She gives a smile and begins to recite her selection. I am shocked . . . her personality seems to change on the stage. It's incredible what a fun piece can pull out of a person. All of a sudden, I know that I have no reason to worry. When my name is called, I will be ready and excited.

Auditioning for a production can seem scary or intimidating, but really it's as fun as you let it become. One of the greatest blessings students have at PCC is the opportunity to get involved in many different campus activities. Some fun examples include Fine Arts, Dramatic Productions, Spirit Singers, student choirs, and graduate recitals. Whether you have grown up performing or are trying it for the first time, you may find that getting involved in a production is just the enjoyable experience you've been looking for.

Some of my greatest memories through the years come directly from rehearsals. Getting involved through the arts is not only a stretching experience, but a great way to meet new friends and develop bonds with fun people.

The next time an opportunity comes up, face the present fear and choose to audition. The audition process is truly nothing to worry about. Think of auditions as a step . . . a step into the world of creating fun memories, meeting great people, and developing positive experiences. I'm so glad that I took the steps I did while I had the chance.

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