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Proclaim: Another Great Opportunity

You are most definitely familiar with those fallback questions in life, those questions that everyone asks on a daily basis.

When meeting new people we ask, "Where are you from?" or "What's your major?" When passing that friend in the library, he quietly whispers, "How are you today?" and probably expects a casual "Doing well." At the end of fall semester, the question is most likely, "What are your plans for the holidays?" Every May, the question comes up, "What are you doing this summer?"

Now there's a fallback question worth thinking about. What are you doing this summer? I know it seems far away, but it really isn't too early to prepare. In fact, the more you prepare for it now, the easier it will be to find something you'll love. Get involved in some opportunity that can count for eternity.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel on one of the Proclaim Ministry teams. I loved it! (And no, that's not a "fallback statement"). I had awesome leaders and an awesome team; it was a privilege to share the joy of the Lord with others (not to mention spreading valuable information about our very own PCC).

Traveling with Proclaim is truly a ministry, because singing great songs and acting out witty skits are just the beginning of what we get to do on the road. The real joy comes in helping churches and people and pastors and children and teenagers and teachers and each other. It's amazing to bless and be blessed by so many people in just a stretch of about 12 weeks.

If any of this sounds exciting to you, you may just have found your niche for this summer. Think about it; pray about it. Ask plenty of questions. Auditions are coming, and the Lord may want you involved in this incredible ministry.

Auditions for the new Proclaim Ministry Teams take place on October 28-29 in Room 111 of the Visual and Performing Arts Center. I can't wait to see what happens.

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