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Get Excited About Collegian Sports!

Not only does Pensacola Christian College offer excellent collegiate sports, but there are also countless collegian sporting events each semester!

For those who may not be similar with PCC's terminology, all freshmen join "collegians" when they arrive on campus each fall. With your collegian, you can do many things like Christian service, collegian outings (which are ridiculously fun), and my personal favorite, play intramural sports!

(Shameless plug alert: I am a Bulldog, and I am very optimistic about our chances of going far in flag football this spring.)

In my personal opinion, students—current and incoming—should get excited about and involved with their collegian sporting events. Try out for your collegian's team (regardless of if you think you'll make it*) and support your collegian at their games! You can also follow other collegians by attending games in the Field House and on College Field—just check the schedules for the games to be played at those locations.

  • *As for trying out for your collegian's sporting events regardless of if you'll make the team, I do have reasoning behind that logic.

When I arrived my freshman year, I had no experience in soccer or hockey (let alone broom hockey). But I thought it would be fun to at least participate in the tryouts for both sports, so I did, in addition to volleyball (which I had played in a homeschool league for several years).

There were not a whole lot of guys that tried out for the broom hockey team, so I easily made it and had a lot of fun playing that fall. But I didn't make the soccer team, mainly because I had no idea what I was doing, and it seemed like the entire collegian showed up for the tryout.

But here's the kicker: By mid-season, I was starting on defense on the Bulldogs' soccer team.

Things happen throughout the course of a season—injuries may occur, some players may need to drop off the team, etc.—if you don't make the team at the first tryout, there's no reason you couldn't try again the next year, or even get on the team that same season! I attended all the games as a ball boy, and when a jersey became available on the roster, they offered it to me.

Thus, my soccer career was born.

Maybe one day I'll play in Europe. Maybe not. The point is, I didn't let the thought of not making the team prevent me from trying out, or from giving up in my pursuit of getting involved with my collegian's athletics.

With all of that said, my favorite time of year for collegian sports is the spring, when flag football and basketball arrive. I'm no basketball player (but that doesn't stop me from supporting the team at their games!), but I am most certainly a football player.

I played football for four years at my local high school back home and have a passion for the sport. Thanks in part to flag football, I loved my freshman spring semester earlier this year. (As I noted above, the Bulldogs are the team to watch for this spring.)

So get excited about your collegian—get involved in everything you can and enjoy Pensacola's college experience!

The thoughts and opinions expressed in Life in the Nest are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Pensacola Christian College.
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