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A Whole New Level of Involvement

Pensacola Christian College takes “getting involved” to a whole new level. Yes, PCC has Christian service, Eagles sports, collegian sports and activities, dramatic productions, Fine Arts, and student and dating outings that they encourage us to participate in. But PCC also encourages us to get involved in ways too.

One way we can get involved is through the suggestion box PCC made available to us last year. We can suggest that the college make changes, and PCC tries to implement as many as possible. For example, toward the end of last year, I made a suggestion that PCC increase the availability of the art labs in the Visual and Performing Arts building on Saturdays. When I returned to school this year, I noticed that they had not only honored my suggestion, but they also had made teachers available in the labs on Saturdays to assist students with any last-minute questions. Several other student-submitted suggestions have also been implemented including extra benches and picnic tables around campus; a Saturday shuttle bus service to Wal-Mart, Cordova Mall, and Walgreens; and the ability to have small appliances like coffee makers and fans in our residence halls.

Also, the college noticed that when students selected their drinks from the dining halls last year, the majority chose drinks that were not carbonated. Now, when we go into the dining halls, we have several new un-carbonated juices as well as the soda and milk that were already available to us. Because I work in dining services, I see the managers behind the scenes and hear some of their conversations as they constantly make changes to improve our dining experience. They even encouraged students to submit recipes from home so they could have a “Taste from home” line this year.

Another way we can get involved is through special event opportunities like the recently announced t-shirt design contest. At the beginning of the Eagles basketball season, the school has Eagle Mania where PCC students get pumped with school spirit. The night includes the introduction of the Lady Eagles and Eagles basketball players and cheerleaders, and a very high-energy time with friends. This year, they will be announcing the winning t-shirt designs on the night of Eagle Mania. The following day, students will be able to purchase their game day t-shirt at the bookstore, showing their support not only for the Eagles but also for their fellow student designer.

Pensacola Christian College has a way for every student to get involved. It may be a role in a Fine Arts production, a position on your collegian’s soccer team, or maybe you’re a voice for the student body in the suggestion box. Whatever the case, you can get involved at PCC!

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