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Fine Arts is Coming, Eh?

I was taking notes in Advertising class when I first heard who was coming through for Fine Arts this year.

“Canadian B---” my teacher announced from the lectern, as I mentally filled in “Bacon.”

“Canadian Brass,” he said again, maybe in case anyone else had done the same as me.

I’d never heard of “Canadian Brass”! So I looked into it.

Turns out, not only are they Canadian, but they have an international reputation for being one of the world’s most popular brass ensembles. Isn’t that crazy? Coming to our very own Pensacola Christian College.

With four decades of performance already behind them, they travel the world today with a wide variety of original arrangements including ragtime, marches, works from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical masters, and Christian works.

Fine Arts is coming up October 5th! Prepare to meet these five Canadian virtuosos—Chris, Eric, Chuck, Achilles, and Caleb. If you are traveling in to see them or live in the area, see this page for more information about joining us.

I know I’m looking forward to it—hope to see you there!

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