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College Days: Getting a Feel for the Campus Experience

Ever seen a chandelier carved out of rubber? I was walking through a history museum this past summer, and I saw one for myself—and I still don’t know why it was in a history museum. It was enormous —dangling from the ceiling on wires and rubber chains, complete with little rubber candles and rubber wax dripping down each one. Everything about it screamed “touch me”—especially when I saw the “don’t touch” sign next to it!

Well…I never got to touch it. You probably thought I was going to tell a story of how I managed to somehow, didn’t you? Haha. But I’m a hands-on person, so that was a major disappointment for me. I don’t really remember anything about that history museum except that I didn’t get to touch the enormous, dangling rubber chandelier!

Maybe you feel a little like that with college. You’ve heard about college, or had a sibling go to college, but you've never been there. In other words, you’ve seen it but never had “hands on” experience.  Coming to college is so much less intimidating once you’ve had the chance to be on the campus!

Well, maybe PCC’s “College Days” is for you! During College Days, you have the opportunity to stay right here on campus in the residence halls, eat meals with the students, visit the classes of your choice, sit through some of our fantastic chapel services, and even take a whirl on our very own Flow-Rider!  Not something you can beat for just 10 dollars.

If you're already planning to come to PCC,  if you’re unsure about your college choice, or even if you're unsure that you want to go to college at all, consider coming up on November 27th-29th for College Days, and experience for yourself a little of what is to be a student at Pensacola Christian College!

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