Palms Grille Ponderings

I'm sitting in the Palms Grille sipping on my Vienna roast with pumps of white chocolate. Rejoice music softly plays in the background as I hum to my favorite tune—"It's All About God." This was just one of the many songs that God used to change my life this past summer. Couples are seated and talking about their busy day packed with classes while friends are joking about the latest campus happenings. The upcoming Fine Arts Series and Vespers Sunday are among the topics discussed. I am alone. I do this often to focus and think. Today, I wanted time alone to think.

All of a sudden, the realization hits me. Like surprise rain on a sunny, Florida day or a pop quiz in Advanced Interpretation class, I realize . . . I'm a senior. In May, this guy will graduate.

I think back on all God has brought me through these past three years. It's amazing how drastically my view on life has changed. No one semester was necessarily better than any other, but God used each one to teach me something different.

As a freshman, I learned what growing up was all about. My teachers and friends were so patient and helpful; each one truly wanted to see me succeed. I became involved in campus productions and met up with friends in the Sports Center. Playing board games was a frequent Friday night activity.

As a sophomore, I found out that college meant work, but it stretched me to lean on Christ for all my strength. I would frequent the Commons to study with friends and pillage the library for helpful books. I began to take chapel far more seriously, and I grew leaps and bounds in my walk with the Lord.

As a junior, I felt as though I had no time to breathe. I was even more busy now that my classes directly applied to my major. Rehearsals took up the majority of my nights, yet I still found time for a laugh with my roommates. God was so good to give me the desires of my heart.

Now, as a senior, I am excited about things to come. I remind myself daily to lean on the Lord; I want to wait on Him in all things. If the past three years were truly as good as I remember, I do not want to rush what God has for me now—right now.

Wherever you are in life, thank God and enjoy it. You are here in life right now for a reason; realize God has a purpose for you today. From the freshman in high school to the senior in college (like me), do not miss a single moment. You're making a memory today.

I won't always be sitting here at the Palms Grille sipping on my Vienna roast with pumps of white chocolate. I won't ever be here in this moment again. As I sit here, I think . . . I think of God's goodness.

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