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Greek Rush Tonight

I want to tell you a little story, a story about a freshman I once knew. I’ll use a hypothetical name so as not to cause her any sort of embarrassment. Let’s go with “Anna Grace.”

Oh wait! That’s my name! Hmmm. Anyway…

She went to Greek Rush, just like new students will do tonight, so that she could pick a collegian.

Now, this freshman didn’t know anything about picking collegians or even what they were, and she also didn’t know where the Lyceum was, but that’s for another blog piece.

Anna Grace couldn’t decide which collegian to choose! The Lions said they emphasized singing…the Hurricanes had a good soccer team…the Cavaliers had really good cupcakes at their stand…but mostly, all the collegians sounded very similar to each other. All collegians have regular meetings, plan fun outings together, and provide opportunity for intramural sports, musical groups, and ministry.

I (I mean, “Anna Grace”) was confused as she wandered between all the different booths. Good thing she’d brought her clip board and pen to jot down notes at each booth she’d visited! After the Greek Rush parade, she hurried to make her choice.

Well, “Anna Grace” is still a student here, and still enjoying the collegian she chose! (Notice how carefully vague I’m being so as to spare her dignity.)

Maybe some of you out there feel a little like an “Anna Grace”: not quite sure what to look for in a collegian or what to expect once you’ve become a part of one.

What seemed like a random choice back in freshman year has been a huge blessing ever since! No matter of the name or the emphasis, any collegian you pick is an equal opportunity to be in a smaller group, get involved around campus, and develop some lasting friendships!

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