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An Outstanding Collegian

“What makes an outstanding collegian?” I wondered this to myself when it was time to become a member of a group. I asked some of my friends which one I should join, and they recommended the Beta Kappa Delta Hornets. I will always have priceless memories because of the decision to join the Hornets. These memories range anywhere from the fellowship of a collegian outing, which is the time when all of the guys of the collegian go off campus to do fun things, or the collegian chaplain delivering a convicting insight from God’s Word.

This collegian is full of champions, eccentric personalities, leaders, and God-fearing young gentlemen passionate about serving the Lord Jesus Christ. For some reason, Beta Kappa Delta has not only been blessed with an exceptional amount of athletic talent, but also with strong individuals concerned about the spiritual well-being of all the collegian members. Since I have been a part of this collegian, I have been pushed many times to be a winner in all aspects of my life.

Yet the element that gleams brightest is the bond of brotherhood which binds the Hornets together. Many of the freshmen who join the ranks are far away from home for the first time in their entire lives.This group of newcomers must be welcomed and encouraged if a collegian is to be successful.

So, if someone asks me, “What makes an outstanding collegian?” I’m going to respond, “The concentrated effort of each person in the collegian accepting people, and making them feel like they are family makes it a cut above the rest."

Seven Turkey Bowl soccer championship banners hanging on the wall doesn't hurt either.

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