Being Full of Emptiness

One of the great mysteries of life: “Is the glass half empty or half full?”

I found a glass the other day that was all the way full! I came into the house from weeding out in the front yard and looked for my glass of water. A half full glass sat on the dining room table, and a full glass sat on the kitchen counter.

Ever felt that awkward moment of indecision trying to remember which cup was yours originally?

Eh. Oh well.

I figured I’d take the full one since I had a 50-50 chance of it actually being mine anyway. I was about to take a swig when I sniffed it.


The glass was full of distilled white vinegar! Turned out that Mom was using it for cooking.

The glass was full, sure! But it was full of vinegar! We say “full” and we think of “stuff” and we look at it and judge it, not by what’s in it, but by the level of the contents.

And we forget that “being full” is not always the same as “being satisfied.”

In fact, one of the great paradoxes of Christianity is that fulfillment comes when we empty ourselves; it is in our emptiness that Christ can fill us, and it is when we are full of Christ that we find true satisfaction and purpose in our lives.

So don’t look at your “glass” today in the world’s terms.

Do you feel “emptied” today? Emptied of a dream? An expectation? A career path or a direction in life?

Don’t try to fill the spaces by yourself! Look to Christ in your emptiness, and He will fill you and take you places that you never would have imagined!

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