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What to Bring to PCC: Residence Hall Edition

Let me take you on a tour. Close your eyes and imagine we’re in an airport. Actually, imagine that you’re closing your eyes so that you can keep reading. We’re in an airport, heading toward the check-in desks. Not the fancy new check-in computers that always need that confirmation code you didn’t bring with you. No, we’re going to the check-in desks and right past them onto the luggage track and through those hanging rubber strip-things (what do those do anyway?).

Inside, we see hundreds of suitcases and boxes, all being transported in different directions to be loaded onto their designated planes. We’re going to focus in on one particular piece of luggage, though—a red tub marked “Sam Anderson.”  It belongs to an incoming freshman, all ready for his first year of college!

Now maybe you’re wondering, “What does a student pack for his first year of college?” Let’s take a look. If you pull the lid off this tub, the first thing you see inside is a bed lamp with a huge bedrail clip on one end. Sam will use this for relaxing on his bunk with a book or his laptop! Next, Sam packed a hot pot for making coffee in the mornings or a late-night snack of Ramen noodles. He packed most of the bulky things near the bottom of the tub—a set of drawer organizers for socks, a small trash can, an iron, and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner for the bathroom. On top of that, he stacked a collapsible mesh laundry bag and a foam mattress topper for his bunk.

Oh look! There’s a little note tucked on top of everything. “Make good choices, Sammy-bear. Love, Mom.” Oh. Sam probably didn’t mean for us to see that.

Down the side, Sam wedged a big green umbrella. On a friend’s advice, he wrote his name on the rubber handle in permanent marker. Twice. Wait, one more thing! It’s a flannel blanket, the microfiber kind that comes rolled up. A big blanket will be great to double up when it gets cold or to spread and sit on with his friends at the Varsity Terrace during the Christmas Lights concert!

Of course not everyone packs for their residence hall just like Sam! If you have more questions or need ideas, contact an enrollment advisor here at the college!

The thoughts and opinions expressed in Life in the Nest are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Pensacola Christian College.

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