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Are you the type to plan ahead? When I was graduating from high school, a lot of my friends seemed to know just what they planned to do! They were going to a community college and then on to a state university. They would get a job and get rich and buy a summer condo in Hawaii. Then they would get married and have one boy and one girl—in that order. Their dog would be medium sized and medium colored and would be groomed at “We Love Your Pet, Inc.” It must have felt fantastic! They seemed to know how every detail was going to be worked out right up until their funeral—and even then, I think they planned to oversee the catering and flower delivery from their casket.

But I didn’t.

And neither did Alex! She had just graduated from high school, and she wasn’t sure what God had in mind for her beyond that.

“So I Googled ‘Christian Colleges,’ and something called ‘Pensacola Christian College’ came up on my search,” she told me.

She hadn’t heard of PCC before; she wasn’t able to visit for College Days; she didn’t know people attending…but she took a look on the website, prayed about it, applied, and got accepted.

“It’s a little bit scary because it’s so new and different for me. I’ll miss my parents, but I’m looking forward to being a freshman at PCC in the fall!” she said with a smile. “I grew up attending public school, so I’m excited to learn from a positive approach to education where God is included in each subject.”

“What would be your advice to someone who is trying to make a decision the way you were?” I asked.

“Keep an open mindset about where God would take you,” Alex said. “Honestly ask Him and plan to go anywhere—and then be willing to actually step out in faith when He gives an answer!”

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