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Summer in a 12-Passenger Van

What are you doing today?

I’m in a van with seven of the craziest, kindest, most wonderful people I know! We are the Proclaim drama team, and we’re headed to our next church here in the New England area to put on our special program, including skits, drama pieces, and Rejoice songs.

We’re sitting here in a 12-passenger van. We alternate between laughing and sleeping and snacking and doing our vocal warm ups at the top of our voices. We play “I spy” with the traffic signs, and hold our breath in the tunnels, and do Bible studies over spoonfuls of breakfast cereal, and do odd jobs at a church near you!

But most of all, we are excited to serve the Lord and His people. What an overwhelming opportunity to meet so many across the New England area! It is an opportunity both to share with others a bit of what the Lord is doing in our lives each day and to encourage others that each day lived for the Lord is full of His grace and full of potential.

We aren’t the only team traveling; Pensacola Christian College sends out five other teams like ours to different areas of the United States. Go to to check out the Proclaim schedule to see if we’ll be visiting a church near you.

And remember to pray for our teams! Pray for hearts to be changed—both on the teams and on those they are ministering to. We hope to see you soon!

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