Business Law

I didn't know what to expect when I chose Business Law as a class for this semester. I thought it would be boring and unimportant.

I was wrong.

Dr. Jeff Adams's unique approach to the subject has made fifty minutes of class lecture very interesting. He makes topics that are normally thought of as boring exciting by using humor. His experience as a lawyer gives him plenty of material that he uses to teach us how to correctly deal with law enforcement and how to recognize which judicial details are most or least important.

He uses examples that reinforce what we learn in the textbook. For example, when we study criminal negligence, Dr. Adams tells us about a doctor who amputated the wrong limb off his patient's body. His advice for preventing this type of loss in our own lives is to make sure "other arm" or "other leg" is written on the healthy extremity.

Hearing that story put me on a new awareness level. It not only shows me that there are people out there who make mistakes like surgically removing the wrong appendage, but it also shows me that legal precautions must be taken to ensure my body and finances remain intact.

Along with practical applications, I also appreciate the emphasis that is placed on ethics in this class. If there is any area of profession in the United States that needs strong Christians, it is corporate America. The scandals and corruption that we see uncovered are the products of a philosophy that justifies blatant lying and stealing. Many businessmen and businesswomen will do anything to advance their careers even though their actions may hurt shareholders or coworkers. Power is the goal that makes these detrimental decisions seem perfectly normal to people who believe the "right" choice depends on how they feel at that moment. A very different goal is taught in Business Law. This goal is centered on the absolute truths of the Bible that remain constant through every situation and circumstance.

I've seen students in different majors, who are planning on going into a wide variety of professions, taking Business Law. The reason for this appeal across different majors is the fact that this class is used as a foundation to prepare us for sound decision-making. However, it's not only Business Law, but also every other class at PCC that uses a total and well-rounded Christian approach to prepare students for the challenges of life.

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