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"They Won't Care"

Coming to college, I had imagined myself as being this little itty-bitty freshman with nerdy glasses, lost in a world of “professional” college students and professors who would not care. I saw myself on a college campus getting lost in the sea of people. Other times I imagined myself struggling amidst straight-A students, professional musicians, and stunning artists. In my mind’s eye, I had concocted this vision of me outside of my professor’s office door, on my knees pleading for help--only to be harshly turned away--left to fend for myself amid piles of class notes and overdue projects. I imagined myself sitting by lamplight, famished, studying through the wee hours of the night just to pass that early morning test.

Ok... Enough of the theatrics…I did not really imagine it to be that bad! However, I was expecting to be challenged and left to fend for myself through the jungles of academia. Growing up, I had always been taught that when I go to college, my teachers are not going to care. I was told that they will not care to check up with me if my homework is late. They had told me that no one will care if I am failing a class. I had always heard that no one is going to care if I show up for class. While that all may very well be true on many college campuses around the country, those words do not apply to Pensacola Christian College.

The teachers are some of the most caring people you will ever meet. If you are struggling, they will send you an email offering to meet with you and help in whatever way possible. If you miss several classes in a row, they will often inquire as to how you are doing. They even have time set apart in their daily schedules specifically dedicated to meeting with students. To me, this showed that the teachers cared. Not only do the teachers care, but other students also care for their fellow students. One of the first things they announced to us in chapel after getting all settled into our routines here on campus was the “Tutor List.” This is a list of names organized under specific topics, representing students who are willing to help out other students who might be struggling in their studies. There are no prices, no suggested tutoring tips, only names and phone numbers of students willing to offer their time, knowledge, and help while asking for nothing in return.

To me, those two things show that this college is vastly different from others out there. The fact that nobody will care may be true at other colleges, but here at PCC, nothing could be further from the truth.

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