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Legacy– It Speaks

The other night in church, we didn't have our regular orchestra and choir setup. There was something different on stage: about 200 strings players were occupying the Crowne Centre stage. Harps, string basses, cellos, violas, and violins-- the stage was filled. It was our annual Stringspiration!

My friends and I sat in the front row, and when the musicians played, we could literally feel the vibration from all the instruments. It was powerful. I thoroughly enjoyed the Stringspiration, especially the piece "God's Perfect Lamb," arranged by Dr. Jaffé.

Other than the stringed instruments they possessed and the pieces they played, there was something else that many of the musicians had in common. Almost all of them had been taught by the Jaffé Strings method, developed by Dr. Alberto and Mrs. Daisy Jaffé. Many of the players had been playing for only one year! But just because they had been playing only for one year, that does not mean that they were unskilled in their craft. The music that was played was by no means simplified or reduced in quality. The performance was truly amazing.

The strings classes offered on campus use the Jaffé Strings method, and because of the uniqueness of the program, the beginning classes require no outside practice work! It was astounding to see all the musicians that the ministry of the Jaffés has touched. The Jaffés have truly created a lasting legacy on this college, and it speaks.

Or does it play?

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