Anna Grace’s Campus Guide to Life, Happiness, and Sort of Surviving #2

Although we are advancing in science by leaps and bounds in recent years, there are some things that science simply cannot prove. I’ll give you an example: the eating habits of your clothes dryer.

Without exception, for every load of wet clothes you put in to dry, exactly one sock will disappear from every match, and without exception, it will be exactly the one withOUT-the-hole-in-the-toe. Well that’s good, I guess, so that all your mismatched sock pairs can have one thing in common: they will all have a hole in the toe.

As a little girl, I would peer in and wonder what was really happening to all of our socks. Did they spin so fast that they got sucked into the wheels and pulleys of the dryer somehow? Was there a little man who crept out when the door was closed and stole them all, and snapped his fingers three times and disappeared in a glittering *poof* back to Sockland? Was it just the manufacturers' perpetual joke on the American consumer, and there was some trapdoor in the back that you could spring open to find every sock you ever lost in a collective sock-wad?

Well, I don’t know. And I supposed we’ll never find out, though science is making all sorts of lovely developments in other directions.

As a college student, however, this can be problematic. Here’s a huge tip: buy a sock bag! Many of your local department stores sell mesh bags with zippers that you can use to hold all of your socks when you wash your laundry! The mesh allows for the socks to be cleaned and dried without having to worry about sorting them with your other things, or losing one and having to buy more.  Buy one today and save your time (and socks) from the ever-devouring dryer!

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