His Mercies Are New

Do we ever get to the point where we stop deserving God's mercy? I learned the answer to this question in this past week through a series of interesting events.

When I was in high school up until my sophomore year of college, I didn't really apply myself to schoolwork. I would laze about until it was a few hours before a test, and then I would beg for mercy. God would miraculously intervene, and I would get a good grade. I knew that it didn't have to do with me; it was only God's power.

Time has passed, and I have grown somewhat more responsible. I prepare for tests in advance, and I'm working on studying consistently for quizzes. My quiz grades aren't always the best, but I think I'm going to start studying while I brush my teeth. I hear that works well. Anyway, as a result of my new-found diligence, I got a strange idea in my head. I began to think that because God wants me to be responsible, He no longer covers my mistakes.

When I had neglected to study for my Greek quiz the other day, I told my roommate how I thought that I couldn't get mercy from God anymore. My roommate looked up from his computer. "Why don't you pray for mercy in faith, and maybe you'll get it!?" The genius of the idea struck a chord with me. What a thought!

The next morning, I prayed for study time. I was booked right up until Greek class. I prayed my prayer in half-belief, but God answered anyway. I had told my friends about my predicament, so when my schedule miraculously opened up, God was glorified.

The Lord taught me something very important that day: You can never stop deserving God's mercy.

Why? Because you never deserved it in the first place.

If it was deserved, it wouldn't be mercy.

Soli Deo Gloria

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