Bible Conference Review

Rest, reflection, and reinvigoration are some of the main purposes of Bible Conference, and I would say those purposes were fulfilled in last week's meetings.

God used Dr. Johnny Pope's expressive preaching on the cross and prayer to help us rest in the knowledge of Christ's supreme sacrifice and to remind us of the importance of prayer. He used Dr. Marc Monte's deliberate instruction on forgiveness and reconciliation to show us we must reflect on the Lord's everlasting love and eternal grace. God used Dr. Clyde Box's poetic teachings on catching a glimpse of Jesus and listening to the cries of the lost to rekindle our passion for the victorious Christian life that is a witness to the world.

One thing about several of Dr. Box's stories that I really liked was his refusal to give up. Whenever someone was hopeless or seemed to be lost forever, he would not quit. He continued to pray, and visit, and trust God to work. Dr. Box was following Jesus and doing what He did. Christ never gave up on us. This powerful example can and should be applied to our personal relationships with the Savior.

These men of God displayed, in my opinion, a complete willingness to be vessels that poured out God's Word on His people, and that openness helped us to retain the words that were being spoken. I also think the most important accomplishment of this spring revival was the spiritual second wind that we gained.

I think this will be a good start to the second half of the semester.

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