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PCC Students and Free Beverages at Fazoli’s

This past weekend, my roommate, Tyler, and I were feeling down because we lost in the playoffs for collegian flag football.  In an effort to cheer us up, a buddy, Jonathan, treated us to Fazoli's—an Italian restaurant in the Pensacola area (thanks, Jonathan!).

Anyway, after we ordered a pizza, the owner of the establishment asked us where we were from, to which we replied, “Pensacola Christian College.”  He then informed us that our beverages were on him, a policy he has established because (a) he attended Pensacola Christian Academy when he was younger and (b) he appreciates the business the restaurant receives from PCC students.

(Note: I say beverages because up in Pennsylvania, we call it soda, and I know a lot of people refer to it as pop and still others dub it coke, which I cannot understand—Pepsi is not coke!  A cola, yes; Coke, no.)

Regardless of how you refer to it, you get it free at Fazoli's—just let them know you are PCC students.

Unfortunately, Fazoli’s has closed down since this was published. But don’t worry, students love to find other fun restaurants around the city and are sure to post about other discounts.

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