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Here at college, we can acquire a lot of book knowledge about our chosen fields. We have knowledgeable teachers who have great experience and choose to pass down what they have learned. However, there are many times when we gain some of our own personal experience that we can add to theirs.

For instance, education majors get to teach lessons to children in a real classroom setting. Nursing majors spend a lot of time in local hospitals acquiring real experience. Engineering majors use the skills they have acquired in class to create the best machine in the engineering competition. Students can even get a job on campus that would give them experience in their field, such as campus security for a Criminal Justice major.

I'm sure there are countless ways for all majors to get experience in their field here at PCC, but I can tell you only what I know. As a Pastoral Ministries Major, I have had many opportunities to gain experience. For instance, Ministerial Seminar gives me a chance to preach to and be evaluated by my peers. I also get that opportunity in Homiletics class. But more than just in-class experience, I was able to get some real experience last Wednesday, when, as part of the class, I was able to preach in a church nearby. A church in the area allowed another ministerial student and me to preach for their Wednesday night service.

In another class called Church Ministries Internship, ministerial majors get the opportunity to intern in the Campus Church. As a part of that internship, I am an assistant teacher for a children's Sunday school here on campus. Next semester, I can get an internship at a church in town. I know several guys who have been able to teach a Sunday school, preach on Sunday or Wednesday nights, and take many other opportunities. I am really looking forward to experiencing that opportunity.

It's great to know that we are not only learning important facts about our fields, but we are also gaining real experience that will help us in our professions.

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