Pastor John Ray – His Actions Speak of His Character

This past week, we were blessed to hear sermons from Pastor John Ray of Southeast Baptist Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. He challenged us from the Word of God with messages about “Enduring Hardness,” “Dealing with Temptation,” and a couple of other great messages that really impacted the student body.

While each sermon was a convicting blessing, nothing Pastor Ray said influenced me so much as his actions did. Never before have I seen a guest speaker who cared so much for the student body. From offering to pray daily for an entire year for anyone who supplied him with a prayer request, to letting the entire student body know his daily schedule just in case someone wanted to get to know him better, it was his actions more than his words that convicted me.

Remember that old adage, “actions speak louder than words”? Well, from the actions of Pastor John Ray, I realized just how true those words are. The way he showed how much he cared for us made me question how much I really show that I care for those around me. Do I actually make myself available to those around me when they need to talk or just need someone there for them? By the way that I act, do I show that they can come to me any time if they are ever in need of a prayer?

On campus here, and then someday out on the work field, there are going to be people who see me daily yet will never talk to me. They are going to be witnesses of my actions without ever hearing me speak. What is my testimony to them going to be? Would they be shocked to hear me speak and someday find out I was a Christian, or would they already know it by the way that I act? Take some time today to stop and think about what your actions are saying.

It's easy to say the right thing; it’s a lot harder to do it. What are your actions saying about you?

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