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Fine Arts – A Family Affair

Not too long ago, we had the Jaffé family players come and play for our Fine Arts. If any of y'all didn't know Dr. Jaffé, he was an artist in residence at the college. He developed a program of learning stringed instruments that is now renowned around the world. He was at the college for many years, and he was loved and appreciated for both his personality and his expertise. He recently passed away, and it was his family that came for our Fine Arts. This Fine Arts seemed to be a remembrance of his legacy.

To be honest, classical music isn't my favorite type of music to listen to. However, the Jaffé family typically performs their music in a way that makes it very enjoyable. I have always enjoyed the Jaffés' performances, but this performance I have enjoyed most of all. It wasn't just the music; it was the family itself.

Seeing the Jaffé family interact was really fun. Normally, Fine Arts is very formal and the focus is not on the personalities of the performers, but this Fine Arts was different. As I mentioned before, the Jaffé family has had ties to this college for several years. We have had their Harmonious Strings of Sao Paulo, and a few other groups of their family, come to play. The family, in a sense, knows us. When they came to do Fine Arts, they weren't putting on a performance for any crowd; they were remembering the heritage that Dr. Alberto and Mrs. Daisy Jaffé made. I'm not trying to speak for them; I'm just saying that this performance was special.

When they came up to speak at the microphone, it was very informal. They weren't trying to put on a show or behave like high society. They stumbled over words and laughed at themselves. They introduced relatives while making fun of them and joked around like any close family. During the pieces, they were making faces and demonstrating their individual personalities. At the end, two guys exchanged instruments and simply made noise. It was great to see such a talented family enjoying what they do best.

If you missed this Fine Arts, I'm sorry. This Fine Arts wasn't simply a performance. It was an invitation to hang out with the musical family that has had a profound effect on our college. We were in the Crowne Centre, but it really felt like a family reunion in the Jaffés' backyard.

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