That old Valentine’s Day thing

I don't know about you all, but I celebrate my birthday once a year. I've always done it that way. It would never have occurred to me not to. It wasn't until several years ago that I really questioned why I celebrate my birthday each year! It’s not as if it had never been valuable to celebrate the fact that I was born--indeed, that is a worthy thing to celebrate. I celebrate it as often as I think of it now, and sometimes even when I don’t. It's just that the meaning of the holiday had been lost in the repetition.

I cannot help but think we do something very similar to Valetine's Day. We wear the colors, we buy the party favors, we wistfully long for a special someone, or we wish we had a special someone else. The guys empty their pockets and the girls fill their waistlines, and everyone whispers sweet nothings and writes sweet nothings and eats sweet nothings. Yes, year after year goes by, and year after year, we celebrate it.


Why do we take a day to think about 'love'. Why are we so inspired by it?

It is because, more than anything in the world, we desire to be loved. To be seen for what we are and to be loved anyways. And that is exactly what the Lord does, isn’t it? He does not ask us to be a certain way so that He can love us. He loves us in a certain way that goes against all that culture and society and love songs tell us that love should be.

Where we are taught that satisfaction will come when we are full enough, Christ "...made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant..." (Philippians 2:7). And it turned the world upside down.  And THAT is a love worth dwelling on. And that is why we take time to celebrate that old Valentine's Day thing.

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