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My very best friend and me

In my Latin class, we translate an abundance of sentences to enhance our learning of the language. Most of the ancient sentences we translate into English are Roman phrases, proverbs, or pieces of historical content. Romans found loyalty, dignity, friendship, and other honorable qualities to be of the utmost importance, and they often wrote about them. Something that always sticks out to me is the proverbs or quotations about friendship that, despite being ancient, still remain a solid source of truth.

One of my favorite phrases so far has been “Sine amīctiā nōn valemus et vīta est nīhil.” This phrase translated into English is “Without friends we are not strong and life is nothing.” I fell in love with the truth of this statement, and while I don’t agree with it fully (when you have Christ, you are always strong and life is everything), I do agree with the power of friendship. When I first left for college as a scared, intimidated “freshie,” I had so many people tell me, “You will make most of your life-long friends in college, so choose them wisely.”

So I just wanted to give y'all a word of encouragement: choose your friends wisely and carefully. During your college years there are so many changes going on in your life, and sometimes it can be tough to go through it by yourself. Christ is our Friend who is closer than a brother, but He also gives us friends to support us through the good times and bad. Find a friend that strives to honor God with your shared friendship, and one that will stick with you through all of life’s many changes that we encounter as college students. It isn’t the hard times that prove a friendship; it is the friendship that stays by your side through all of the changes that will prove to be the strongest. College, especially a Christian college, is a fabulous place to make great friends that will edify you and make your life wonderful.

Here at PCC we have an advantage to making friends because we already have something in common—a love for Christ! But while you are looking for that “lifelong” friend, don’t forget that if having something in common were a requirement for friendship, nobody would have any friends. So keep your options open and don’t count anybody out just because they may not exactly have everything in common with you.

My best friend (that I met here at PCC) and I have virtually nothing in common, but ever since that day that we met at a mutual friend’s party in the Palms Grille, we have been inseparable. What binds us together is the love that both of us have for Christ, and that overcomes all the many ways in which we are different. Since freshman year, so many changes have come in my life from a new job, new classes, becoming older, and the list goes on. But these are three constants in my life: Jesus Christ, my family, and my friends. This being said, as you go throughout your years here at PCC, choose your friends wisely because the ones that you surround yourself with are the ones that will influence you the most in many areas of your life. So, get out there, make some new friends! Or, make some new memories with the ones that God has given you already! 😉

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