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My PCC Christmas List

So here might be your typical Christmas list of things to do for this time of year:

  • Shop for Christmas gifts
  • Gingerbread house
  • Decorate the tree
  • Christmas party

But a Christmas list while here at PCC might look just a little different. With Christmas coming up, there are many different events on campus. Several of the other bloggers are writing about some of those, so be watching for those posts. I just want to highlight a few of these events so that you can find some time to fit them into your schedule. But don't forget to study for exams as well!

1. Decorate your door - Instead of decorating a tree, a lot of girls dorms will have door decorating contests. We wrap the doors with wrapping paper or put up snow flakes and a wreath. It just makes the dorms feel a little more like home.

2. Christmas Lights - This is when the campus Christmas lights are turned on for the first time. Last Friday night, we had a Christmas sing-a-long. Most of the student body would say this is their favorite Christmas tradition.

3. Dramatic Production - This year the dramatic production class put on the play Tell Me a Christmas Story. This included shorts plays of "The Grinch," "The Gift of the Magi," and several other ones too! It's another great event to get you in the Christmas spirit.

4. Caroling - A lot of the collegians are going caroling to nursing homes in the area. This is such a ministry opportunity and a blessing when you go. I used to go out with my high school at Christmastime, and the folks in the nursing home love it so much seeing all of us sing for them.

5. Letters to Soldiers - This year we had the opportunity to write a letter to a soldier. There was a table set up in the Commons ,and students could go write a quick Christmas letter for a soldier. It's such an opportunity to tell them the true meaning of Christmas and show them some love while they are away from their families.

This year some of this has already passed by us. Make sure you jot these down and look for them next year. They are great opportunities that you don't want to miss! So here are some of our Christmas traditions on campus. What are some of your Christmas traditions at home?

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