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It Is Coming!!!

Ah! Feel that nip in the air when you walk outside in the mornings? Yep! Winter is coming. Despite what you may think, even Florida gets a little cold during the winter. I may not be a huge fan of the cold, but I am a huge fan of what winter brings…Christmas! And here shortly comes my one of my favorite times of being a part of PCC’s campus…Christmas Lights!

Oh Christmas Lights, how I love thee! That moment when every Christmas light blinks on, officially bringing that holiday feeling to campus cannot be compared with anything else. From the Christmas trees on top of the girls’ dorms, to the look of palms trees twisted with lights, to my very favorite big tree glittering in the night, the look of Pensacola Christian College all decked out for the Christmas season is a sight to behold. The event that kicks it all off is the Christmas Lights Sing-A-Long that occurs right outside the Dale Horton Auditorium every year.  Students come as early as possible to save seats along Main Drive, reserving those spots from which they will witness an enchanted feeling that can only be explained by the anticipation of what is coming right around the corner. With our boxed suppers in hand and our blankets tucked around us, we enjoy the fellowship of our friends and the chorus of Spirit Singers serenading us with holiday classics.

We may look strange with our reindeer hats, Christmas ties, and various decorated sweaters, but it is all in the spirit of having fun and beginning the season when we celebrate our Saviour’s birth. Hot cocoa, stripedy scarves, warm jackets, and Christmas music all combined into a sweet time of peace on earth. This event is always a time that brings out the best of our student body and is just the exact kind of fuel that we need to push on for that Christmas Break.

My favorite memory of Christmas Lights so far was during my freshman year; the very last song that all of campus sang together was “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” I can still remember the chills, not from the cold, running across my arms in the comfort of knowing that soon I would truly be home for Christmas. Even as I write this post, I am excited about the upcoming Christmas Lights on November 30th, be sure that you don’t forget to come out and welcome the Christmas season!

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