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Among Whom We Shine

This weekend, I got to go off campus with some friends. It's nice just to get a little break from studying. Since all of my roommates love to read, we decided to go to one of the bookstores near campus. When we were about ready to leave, an elderly man saw some of my roommates with their skirts on and stopped them. He asked them if they were Pentecostals because that's what he had grown up with, and all the ladies there wore long skirts. We're not Pentecostals, but as most of the students know, this opened up a huge door to tell him what we do believe. What an opportunity!

As students here at PCC, we get so many opportunities to share the Lord Jesus Christ. So many people are out there really searching, and sometimes, people just want someone to talk to. When they see us out, dressed nicely and acting appropriately, they notice that something is just different about us. At the store on Saturday, this kind old man just needed a friend. He was able to talk to my roommates just about questions about school, the weather, and everything else. This opened up an opportunity for them to tell him what we're all about, honoring God through excellence and service, not strict rules. As Dr. Mullenix has been talking about in chapel, we "shine as lights in the world." (Philippians 2:15) I'm sure that you could ask students on campus about their opportunities to share Jesus with someone else, and you would get hundreds of stories. It could start with anything from being asked if we're actually allowed to have cars (of course, we can have cars) or just something as simple as, "Pensacola Christian College, right?"

Situations like these are the reasons that we have to have a good testimony. Now that we're in the second half of the semester, things are speeding up, and we might be tempted to just barely get by. I want to encourage you to remember whom we serve. Yes, we should be a good testimony for the school. But ultimately, we serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and we shine as lights for Him.

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