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Fine Arts: Fear or Fun?

Fine Arts: these two little words can invoke fear into any guys' heart for lack of a date and send the most mature girl into a fit of giggles as she spends hours getting ready. As a junior, I have been to my fair share of Fine Arts Series, and one thing that I have observed is that it doesn't matter the play, musical, or program, what makes the night memorable is the people that you surround yourself with and what you make out of it.

The latest Fine Arts was no exception with the Liberty Voices gracing our campus with an a capella program that was filled with talent and humor. While the Liberty Voices would have been amazing no matter who was sitting beside you, the night's potential is always enhanced by the friends you choose to go with, or (if one of those fearful guys found courage) a date that will be edifying. One thing that I can honestly say to all incoming freshman, or even those that have been at PCC for 4 years, is to make the best of the times that the school has given you and find a good group to go with, or go with a date that you know will make the time enjoyable and memorable.

Each of the Fine Arts always has one specific aspect that I know will stick out in my memory forever. One of the highlights of this past Fine Arts for me was when the Liberty Voices called out each state individually, and the pride that each student had for his own state came out with fervor. From Kentucky (yeah!) to Alaska to Georgia, every state had its chance, and it was great to see the enthusiasm that instantly went through the student body. Even though each state had its time in the spotlight, what I found to be the most encouraging was that despite the fact that all of us are from different places, backgrounds, or even different countries, there is a time that we all join together as one family of Christians and enjoy the fellowship of those around us.

Fine Arts: these two little words don't bring fear to me, but fantastic memories of fun, fellowship, and friends. I am incredibly blessed that my college gives its students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the finer things of life, and by surrounding myself with people that I know will make these times ten times better I have come to look forward to Fine Arts as some of my favorite times of the year.

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