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Eagle Mania Mayhem

There is one thing that brings people together, especially college students, and that one thing is sports.

Sports, whether played casually with friends, between collegians, or between colleges, are something that all of us look forward to every year. PCC Eagles basketball and volleyball games are often the highlight of a weekend or weeknight, and in order to introduce another season of “ball” players, PCC hosted Eagle Mania on October 11th. As part of the Inauguration Week activities, Eagle Mania was a late night of school spirit, cheering, and all-out fun. Even President Shoemaker joined in on some of the fun and came into the arena in style—in a tricked out golf cart driven by his wife. The Shoemakers’ entrance was met by boisterous cheering and became louder each time our new president shot out a tee shirt from a cannon to the crowd.

Even though the volleyball season was over, each of the players was officially introduced to the school, and a scrimmage game was played among the players. It was great to see the amazing skills that our volleyball team possesses, and it was a perfect ending to a winning season.

The PCC Eagles have a new season of cheerleaders and cheers to support our teams, but their classic spirit still remains the thread that holds our sports together.

Introduced one by one, the new roster of the up-and-coming basketball team came into the Sports Center through a smoke-filled tunnel, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Getting to know our very own Eagles players personally was a nice start to our incredible intercollegiate sports program’s new season. This exciting night culminated in contests between players and students showcasing their various skills from dunking, free-throw shots, and tricks.

As a college student who loves sports, this night is always added to my calendar as one of my favorite events of the year. As our basketball season is quickly approaching, place November 10th (the first home game) in your planner as something that you don’t want to miss. Come out and support our Eagles and don’t forget to bring that Eagles spirit!

P.S. Eagor also wanted me to mention that he had his time in the spotlight during Eagle Mania and that he'd better see you out there is the stands! Be sure to tell him that he is doing a great job if you see him. 😉

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