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Sleep vs. Punctuality: Which will be the Victor?

Beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeeep – the sound of an alarm clock is never pleasant. In fact, I think a person can safely argue that it is one of the most annoying sounds on the planet earth. Although we may not enjoy the horrid noise that an alarm clock makes, I think every person would have to admit that it has helped them wake up early on a couple of occasions and as a result has saved them from being late. There is no better environment than college to work on punctuality. Whether it be classes, work responsibilities, or simply meeting up with friends for dinner, being on time is important for two reasons.

  1. Punctuality is a good character trait. I think promptness shows responsibility. You may have more opportunities to get involved in activities because teachers, employers, and friends realize you are reliable when you are consistently on time. This is why punctuality is emphasized so much here at PCC. Our administrators and teachers realize that it is a trait that will help us be successful in all aspects of our lives, especially our future careers.
  2. You may find that punctuality helps you operate better in your daily activities. During those times that I have felt rushed to arrive to a class or clinical on time, I have noticed that I do not do as well in my quizzes or note-taking. It seems to be a domino effect. If the day starts out rushed and stressed, I feel disorganized throughout the whole day.

Okay, we all realize that being punctual is a good thing, but sometimes it just never seems to work out for us, especially for that 8:00 morning class you may have signed up for. Every college student has times when their alarm has not been loud enough, annoying enough (I’m not sure how that is possible), or clear enough to wake them up in the morning. Here are some things that might help you get up in the morning and get to class on time.

  • Start your morning off with something you enjoy doing as a motivation to get out of bed. That motivator for me is food (most often in the form of ramen, rice, or SPAM...yeah, I know that's weird). When I hear my dreadful alarm give its wake-up call, I find it much easier to drag myself out of bed when I have food sitting across my room with my name written all over it. Food may not be what motivates you, which is why you need to find something that you like. Maybe it is reading a chapter from your favorite book or spending a few minutes on a piano in the practice room. Most importantly, reading your Bible would certainly be the best motivator and a great way to start off your day!
  • Set multiple alarms. I have three alarms that I set to go off approximately ten minutes apart. If I unconsciously turn one off, I have backup.
  • If all else fails, ask your roommate or a friend to make sure you wake up. This one has saved me many times.

As you can see, being punctual isn't really that difficult, but it is very important. The next time you are tempted to hit the “off” button on your alarm clock, just remember that it is there to help you wake up early and get to class on time.

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