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As a college student, I believe that each of us has a favorite time of the day or even a favorite time of the week. Maybe it is that moment when you finally get to sit down to lunch after a full morning of classes, that moment when you turn in a huge paper, or maybe it is when the bell rings in your last Friday class and you’re done for the weekend. While that last bell on Friday is pretty amazing, my favorite time of the week is 6:00 on Tuesday nights when I get ready to leave for Christian service. You might be thinking that I am just saying that, or that there is no way that Christian service could be my favorite time out of all of the other things that this campus has to offer. But honestly going to minister to girls in the detention center is the highlight of my week, and I look forward to it all week long.

Nothing can wrap up the reason better as to why going to Christian service is my favorite time of the week than something one of the girls I see every week said to me: “Thanks for just spending time with me.” Sure, spending two or three hours every week of time that I could be spending doing other things may be seen as a waste to some people, but to those girls who long for someone to sit and talk with them, there is no greater gift than someone listening to what they have to say. And while you are just being a friend to someone who may not have any friends, Christ’s love will shine through you and be a witness for the power of His grace. Sharing the gospel with girls that may not have ever heard before, and who may need that comfort of Jesus Christ, is eternally rewarding. You may not see the fruits of the time that you spend on the different Christian services, but just being willing to be the one to plant the seed is all that Christ asks for, and when you come back from Christian service you will find that those times spent serving others were more of a blessing to your own heart than anything else.

Instead of seeing Christian service as a time that I just schedule into my planner, I choose to treat it as a privilege and an honor to spend few short hours every week with teen girls whose lives touch my life more and more each week. Christian service isn’t just a way for college students to get into the community and share Christ, it is a blessing to the lives of all of those that go, and I encourage you to get involved. Whether it is going to the nursing home and singing, going to Bible clubs, or going to a detention center, you will find that by being a blessing to others you will be blessed more than you can imagine, and you will bring honor to Christ at the same time. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get involved, volunteer in a Christian service, and discover what will become your favorite time of the week!

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