It’s All About God

It’s All About God

One of the many different meetings we get to have here on campus is prayer group. It’s a time when your hall gets together and takes just fifteen minutes to share prayer requests, a short devotion, and then all pray together. It is one of the most meaningful times on campus.

Well, this year I am one of the prayer leaders on my hall, and I really wanted to have a theme that the girls on my hall could share for our prayer group. I was praying and thinking very hard about what it should be.

It wasn’t until Sunday night when the Proclaim team sang “It’s All About God” that God laid this burden on my heart. When the team started singing, my mind immediately jumped to John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

This is what I want to take as my personal challenge, and I also want to challenge you. This spiritual walk that we live day in and day out is all about God. We get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget what we were made for. God made us so that we glorify Him. When we live for ourselves, we are not doing our job as Christians. We miss out on God’s blessing in our lives.

There are so many little things we could do to live for God. Obey the rules that your parents or teachers have set in place. Maybe sit with that kid who is eating lunch by himself. Help your siblings with their homework. Just always remember to keep God your number one focus. When you focus on Him and not on yourself, your problems become so much less significant. As you go through this school year, just remember it’s all about God.

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