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The Final Linebacker

There’s three seconds left on the clock.  Your team is down by five points and the ball is on the five-yard line.  You have one chance to make it into the endzone, so your coach has called a time-out.  This is it.

In the huddle, your teammates surround you: friends who have been with you since the beginning, who have come this far with you through the triumphs and the tragedies.  Some of them are gasping for air; others have a fire burning in their eyes.  As your coach walks into the huddle, you feel something swell within your chest.

He looks at you and says, “Don’t quit now.”  You feel your heart push into your throat, but you quickly swallow it down.  You’re ready.

The offensive line sets up, looking back at you with knowing nods.  Your quarterback flashes you a grin and the fullback tells you to follow his lead.

The ball is snapped and the quarterback sticks it in your gut.  Running full speed, you plunge toward the goal line.  Victory seems so close . . . but a linebacker looms in front of you, blocking your advance.

He is the Final Exams linebacker.

Ahh, it’s that time of the year.  With about a week left of school, we’ll all be going home before we know it. The weather is warmer, the birds sing louder, the days seem longer—summer beckons us home.

We’ve all been working hard taking tests, studying notes, and writing papers.  Everything we’ve done over the past year will culminate in this final week: seniors will graduate, passing the torch to the juniors; sophomores will become upperclassmen; freshmen will no longer be the newbies.

But finals exams stand in the way.  Like the football analogy above—an analogy impressed on me by Dr. Northrop—we’ve come a long way.  The finish line looms on the horizon, and we are so close to crossing it.  Like the football game, we cannot quit at the end. It’s our duty to finish it strong.

In the meantime, you may find yourself overwhelmed with final exams.  If that’s the case, just imagine what lies beyond the finish line: your family, your home, your bed, your pets, your friends, and, my personal favorite, the refrigerator.

But most importantly, remember that you have been called to school for a reason.  God has you here as a student, so do your best to honor Him through these final exams.  Resolve in your heart and mind to finish this year.  You’ve started it, you’ve come so far, so don't quit now.

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